Shears Green Infant School

‘We promote a warm, friendly and safe environment which helps people to grow in confidence and flourish as individuals’

Welcome to Shears Green Infant school where our children feel happy and well looked after.

Our vision of ‘Happy, Confident,  Achievers’ grows through our school everyday enabling children to become creative builders of their own future. Our team of people are caring, nurturing and supportive to each individual. We believe families are the key to developing enthusiastic learners so relationship building between home and school is crucial for us.

We promote and continuously develop a creative curriculum with purpose and meaning to the lives of the children we serve. The curriculum encompasses the richness of the children’s lives, the local community and the evolving world around them. 

Our children can meet the academic challenges we present to them with openness, enthusiasm and a willingness to solve problems. We create an environment where appropriate risks can be taken creating socially and academically responsible people who are learners for life.

We warmly welcome visits to school so you can experience for yourself what makes Shears Green Infant School a great place to learn and achieve in. 

Hayley Kotze


Shears Green Infant School

Packham Rd
DA11 7JF

Tel: 01474 566700